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                                         Origin: Swahili


                                         ka: soul or spirit 
                                         Nia: purpose or goal
                               ~Soul Purpose~


My Bio

~Soul Purpose  is an authentic, loving and healing space for your core needs.~

Kania Paulas M.A. is an educational leader and holistic health advisor.

Educates on healthy living in everyday life. 

All products are made with natural and organic ingredients. 

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Scheduled Appointment, Weekly Uploads. Coming Soon: Luxury, Concierge Airbnb.

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The purpose of our company is to offer a core and holistic alternative to education, beauty and health. Our goal is to provide high quality education catered to the core individuals needs to live their highest purpose in your everyday life. We create an atmosphere to restore our families, our neighborhoods, and our people to their highest potential in mind, body and spirit.


Provide quality holistic care to help the everyday person heal there, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and educational needs. Provided an authentic healing and learning space for everyday people dealing with everyday life issues but especially to African American women because I am one. We serve our clients the way we do because I see a little piece of myself in every soul I meet and can empathize and understand exactly what point and place they are and know different things that can be used to  “unstuck” or heal them right where they are in their journey of life. As I heal others, I am healed but continue to heal myself.

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